MONIC™ Fly Lines

It’s time for anglers to consider the innovations that Monic™ lines bring to the world

of fly fishing!

  1. Monic’s patented Impact™ Floating Fly Lines are ground breaking: “best lines in the industry” according to veteran author Bart Carver. Visit for details on his experiences fly fishing with Monic™ lines on the San Juan River in New Mexico.

  1. The Indicator Tip Option for any Monic™ floating fly line provides a sealed white indicator tip for daytime fishing and – after exposure to sunlight – glows an iridescent green for fishing in low light conditions. Tips are 1 ½ to 3” in length and located just below the welded loop connection.

  1. The recently introduced Activator Pad with The Dot® holds five fry pattern flies on hooks marked with The Dot®. After exposure to sunlight, The Dot® glows an iridescent green, increasing the chances of slam hits on downstream wet fly trout fishing regardless of the season.

  1. Our tough new Intermediate Clear Fly Line has received rave reviews from Courtney Olgilvie, owner of Nile Creek Fly Shop, when he fished for Northwest salmon and steelhead. See our web site for his testimonial. Similar success with East coast stripers!

Cast straight. Cast soft. Cast Monic™.

All Monic™ fly lines are environmentally friendly!

The Dot - Featuring AquaGlo Monic Fly Fishing Die Cut Decal 6-Inch
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Monic Fly Lines

Monic continues to raise the bar! I’ve been a fan of the previous generation MonicAST permit-specific clear floating fly line for years. I truly believe clear fly lines are far less likely to spook permit than opaque lines. Recently I had the opportunity to fish the new Covert Clear line and the Phantom Tip (intermediate) fly lines. Even just stripping line off my reel, I was instantly impressed with the relaxed lack of memory of both fly lines at 80 degrees F. No line stretching was needed to achieve optimal performance. Even over a long span of hours, both lines resists kinking and coiling. Monic’s Microslick spray dressing enhances performance.

Often limpness is a characteristic of a fly line that has little spine or kick when cast. But that is not true of these fly lines. Possessing slick, slippery coatings with a minimum of glare, they provide a smooth turnover and achieve effortless distance culminating in a surprisingly soft landing. This is especially strategic in the case of the intermediate sinking Phantom Tip.

Significantly, the welded loops on both lines are much shorter and lighter than onMonic’s predecessor lines. The sink rate of the Phantom Tip is subtle and unobtrusive. The tip does not exacerbate light refraction and functionally helps to anchor a fly on or near the bottom when the current runs strong. Guides appreciate the opaque belly of the Phantom Tip to help track the fly – and the permit.

These are my new favorite permit fly lines!

-Jonathan Olch