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  There is a trend in nymphs and streamer fly construction to use a variety of reflective materials. This is effective on flies as long as there is sufficient sunlight. Often depths, stream clarity, shadows and overcast conditions minimize the impact of reflection. Flies incorporated with AquaGlo dressing glow regardless of light conditions. AquaGlo dressing's clear lip-balm like container is convenient and easy to use. Attached to a fishing hat or vest, AquaGlo dressing is rapidly activated by sunlight. A twenty-minute exposure produces hours of glow. In darkness or low light situations, just a one-minute exposure to a flashlight allows flies to glow for up to an hour. Easily applied, non-toxic and water resistant, AquaGlo dressing is an exciting new product for the resourceful angler. Try with favorite patterns or lures!  
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Utilizes advanced polymers with state-of-the-art pigments to produce stronger and more vibrant glow-in-the-dark colors than ever before. The unique ability for the AquaGlo Ribbing to stretch lets fly tiers use this material in a varity of ways and adds glow to your patterns. By stretching the ribbing to its smallest diameter, tiny size 20 midges can be tied with ease, while leaving unstretched works best for larger flies. Great for bodies, tails and legs. Try it out and see the difference glow patterns make in your fishing!